Vamos, Crete

Vamos, Crete: A glimpse at traditional mountainous culture in a small distance from Chania city.

is a beautiful village, where traditional Crete is still alive. It is located about 25 kilometres southeast of Chania city.

Vamos, Crete, is an inland village in a mountainous area. You can get to the village from Chania city by using the reliable local bus service.

Vamos has retained its traditional style and architecture in an impressive way, and has become a centre for ecotourism in Crete.

Vamos, Crete – where tradition meets modern amenities

Vamos feels more like a small town than a village. Many of its old buildings have been very well maintained, keeping the traditional architecture of the region alive.

One of the things that set Vamos apart, is the development agency that was founded in the village, which caters for the sustainable and mild tourist development in the village and the area. Up to now, this agency has managed to restore exceptionally well some of the old buildings of the village, which today are used as ecotourism lodgings, a tavern, a café, and a store with traditional products of Apokoronas region.

A walk in the lanes of Vamos is an experience hard to forget: In every corner of the village you discover carefully restored old buildings, or newer houses built in traditional architectural styles, made from stone, wood, and other materials.

Another advantage of Vamos is the friendly and helpful nature of the locals, who retain the traditional, pure hospitality of the people in rural Crete. In Vamos you never feel alone.

Vamos, Crete – in the heart of the Apokoronas peninsula

Vamos is located in the centre of Apokoronas Peninsula and is the capital of the Apokoronas region. The region of Apokoronas combines mountain and sea, and is one of the most scenic places in Chania and Crete.

In the mountainous area around Vamos, apart from the pine trees, there are also oak trees and cypresses. In the flora of the region you can also find many herbs, some of which have great healing qualities.

Around Vamos there are many small picturesque villages, which preserve their traditional character and architecture. In general, the villages of Apokoronas, as they lay one close to another, form together a superb sight, if you have a car. Alternatively, you can visit the villages around Vamos by the public bus – just make sure you know the bus schedules.

Going north and east from Vamos, Crete, you can see and admire the other face of Apokoronas: Its marvellous coastline. The biggest part of the coastline, mainly in the east, is rocky and steep, and forms a landscape of wild coastal beauty. However, at places, mainly in the north, there are magnificent sandy beaches.

The most known beaches of Apokoronas, located less than 10 kilometres north of Vamos are the ones in Almyrida and Kalives. Both are big, sandy beaches with very good amenities for the visitors. Another beach close to Vamos is the large beach of Georgioupoli resort, on the east of Apokoronas Peninsula.

Vamos, Crete, is a small village where the past meets the present in a very picturesque way. The area around the village, the other scenic traditional villages, and the superb nearby beaches, among the best in Chania, all make a visit to Vamos very worthwhile, during your holidays in Crete.


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