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Get to know Chania and Crete outside the cities and resorts, by using our excellent rent-a-car, taxi transfer and excursion services.

Rent a car with Chania Holidays

Renting a car is the perfect way to get to know the region of Chania, and the island of Crete in general. Crete is a really big island, full of sights and nature: From amazing beaches, to age-old castles, to world-class archaeological sites, to beautiful villages full of friendly locals both on the coast and in the mainland. Having the freedom that only your own car provides, you can deeply experience all the magical things Chania and Crete have to offer.

At Chania Holidays, our long experience and successful track record in serving a wide range of visitors, are your guarantees that renting a car in Chania and Crete will be as easy and trouble-free as possible. Contact us today, and let us help you rent the best car for your needs, and in a very nice price.

Chania taxi and mini van transfers

Get from Chania or Heraklion airports or ports to your hotel easily and in style with our excellent network of the best transfer professionals in Chania and beyond. A taxi or mini van is the best way to get where you want in comfort and a touch of luxury, along with your family or group.

Chania Holidays can help you arrange you transfers all around Chania region and Crete, no matter the destination. If you want to get anywhere in Crete, just contact us, and we will make sure you get there in the best way possible, and with a very convenient price.

“Contact us today, and let us help you rent the best car for your needs, and in a very nice price.”

The best Chania excursions at your disposal

Chania and Crete feature countless places and beaches that are more or less known, and stories that you have to discover. And one of the best ways to do so, is by taking one of our selected excursions to the best destinations in Chania and Crete. Find below some of the excursions we can arrange for you, and contact us for details and reservations.

Day Cruise to Balos and Gramvousa

Get to know the hidden secret of Chania and northwest Crete: The tropical Balos beach, a unique beach all over Europe, and the amazing Gramvousa island, with the abandoned Venetian castle on top. During the return trip, you can also taste the traditional Cretan cuisine on board the ship.

Excursion to Elafonissi

Experience with all your senses the amazing Elafonissi beach and islet in the southwest tip of the island, that everybody talks about. With turquoise, crystal-clear water, white and pink sand, and an environmentally protected biotope that is unique all over the world, Elafonissi can very well be the excursion of a lifetime.

Day trip to Knossos Palace, Heraklion and Rethymnon

In this excursion, you get to know the best places in Crete outside of Chania. First, we visit the imposing Palace of Knossos, the place where the first organized civilization in Europe, the Minoan Civilization, flourished thousands of years ago. Then, we visit the city of Heraklion, the capital of Crete, where you can also optionally visit the superb Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Finally, on the way back, you can get a taste of the beautiful city of Rethymnon, which lies between the cities of Chania and Heraklion.

Santorini cruise and day trip

Santorini needs no introduction. Being the most unique and sought-after island in the Aegean, its cliff-like coastline provides breathtaking views to the famous Caldera of Santorini, which will create memories for a lifetime. While on the island, we visit the magical Oia, the capital Fira, and, optionally, the beautiful beach in Perissa, if you want to combine sight-seeing with relaxation on the beach.

Samaria Gorge hike

The world-famous Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe and one of the most beautiful gorges in the world, is located just 43 kilometers south of Chania city. During the hike, an experienced escort is accompanying your group, and can assist you with anything you need. The 16-kilometers long hike is not difficult, but you need to have certain things like appropriate shoes and water, and the hike is not recommended for elder people or pregnant women. We will let you know all the details of this amazing hike beforehand, so don’t hesitate to contact us.