Stalos, Crete

Stalos, Crete: A mini resort which combines a relaxing stay with very good opportunities for quality time out.

Stalos, Crete
, is a small village located 7 kilometers west of Chania city. The village actually consists of two distinct villages: Ano Stalos, or Upper Stalos, and Kato Stalos, or Lower Stalos.

Ano Stalos is built on a small hill overlooking the sea. The village offers excellent view, and it combines the atmosphere of a traditional village in Crete with some very good local taverns and bars. The large picturesque rocks in the area add to the interesting landscape of Ano Stalos.

Kato Stalos is a coastal village, located on a long, beautiful beach, which is well organized.

Around the area of Ano Stalos and Kato Stalos, you can find some lovely olive groves and vineyards in an area with rich vegetation.

The sandy beach of Stalos, Crete

The sandy beach of Stalos is a clear, blue-flag beach, as all the other fine beaches in the area. The beach is organized and is friendly for families with children.

On the beach of Stalos, there are many opportunities for summer sports apart from swimming, like beach volley and water cycling.

Around the beach of Stalos there is everything a visitor would ask for: local taverns and international restaurants with quality dishes, beach bars, shops, mini markets etc.

Entertainment in and around Stalos, Crete

Stalos, located between Chania city and the villages of Agia Marina and Platanias, the latter being the prominent resort in the area, has plenty to offer its visitors.

By using the regular bus service, or a rented car, you can head east for Chania city, and taste the traditional taverns, experience the Old City of Chania and get impressed by the very picturesque Venetian Harbour of Chania.

On the other hand, even more close to Stalos, Crete, and to the west, are the taverns, the cafés and the vibrant nightlife of Agia Marina and Platanias, which are both in a couple of kilometers’ distance.

As a result, Stalos, Crete is a nice location, which is more fit to visitors who want a relaxing stay, yet at the same time easy access to the sights and the entertainment opportunities in the area. And a definite plus for the area is the fine local taverns in the villages of Ano Stalos and Kato Stalos, some of which are known for their traditional Cretan dishes.

Stalos, Crete is an interesting location, a “mini resort” on the west of Chania city. Its fine sandy beaches, and the numerous opportunities, in and around Stalos village, for quality time out with family and friends, make it a place well worth a visit.


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