Specialist Tours in Crete

Specialist tours in Crete: From active holidays to creative and spiritual workshops, Crete has an unmatched variety of specialist tours to offer.

There is a large variety of specialist tours in Crete, as the island is a magnet for people in all walks of life, with different preferred hobbies and activities. From active holidays, to ecological, to spiritual, to creative, Crete has something to offer to everyone, no matter his/her taste.

Specialist tours in Crete are organized by travel agencies or individuals with a passion for what they do. Exploring Crete by a specialist tour can be one of the most satisfying – and remembered – travel experiences.

Specialist tours in Crete – on foot, on bike or through the sea

You can take part in very interesting trekking tours in West Crete. Some of the best specialist tours of this kind are to the peaks and the gorges in the White Mountains, or Lefka Ori, like the ones to Mt. Gigilos, and to the gorges of Samaria, Aradena and Imbros. Very spectacular are also some coastal walks in southwest Crete.

Recommended specialist tours in Crete are also the motorcycle tours in Central Crete and East Crete. There are amazing routes in Psiloritis, the Nida plateau, Zaros and the southeaster coast, the Dikti mountains and the Lassithi plateau.

If you prefer to be in the water, there are plenty of travel agencies offering sailing trips. From the west to the east, and from the north to the south, there are excellent opportunities all over the island for specialist sailing tours in Crete.

Specialist tours in Crete – creative and spiritual workshops

If you prefer creative or spiritual activities, there are also plenty of specialist activities in Crete for you. In the summer, there are workshops for artists, performers, photographers and writers. If you are the creative type, Crete is a place that can offer you endless inspiration. It’s no coincidence that these workshops are very popular.

Another very interesting kind of specialist tours in Crete is the one that acquaints the visitors with the flora and fauna of the island. Of particular interest are the tours in West Crete that explore the wild flowers and the healing herbs of the island.

Finally, for yoga lovers, the best specialist activities in Crete take place in South Rethymno. In the picturesque beach of Agios Pavlos there is a known yoga retreat. The natural surroundings of the quiet beach and the impressive bay are ideal for relaxation and meditation. Another interesting yoga retreat is in the nearby Triopetra beach.

Specialist tours in Crete come in many kinds. There are the ones that offer intense activity and holidays full of adrenaline. And there are the ones that get you in contact with your inner self and attempt to unleash your creative talents. As Crete is a unique place in the world, with a rich history of thousands of years and an unmatched “energy” of glorious past civilizations, the right specialist tours in Crete can offer you the remarkable experience you’ve been looking for in your holidays..


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