Sarakiniko Beach Crete

Sarakiniko beach, Crete: A pristine beach full of nature

Sarakiniko beach, Crete
, is the most known beach in Gavdos Island, the southernmost part of Greece. Gavdos is located about 50 kilometres south of Hora Sfakion, and the only way to get there is by ferry from Hora Sfakion or Paleochora.

Sarakiniko beach is very popular with travellers to Crete, and many of its visitors are return visitors. Although Gavdos Island is not so easy to get to, regarding other destinations in Crete, Sarakiniko beach and the other beaches of this small island have a quality that fascinates the visitor.

The name of the beach, “Sarakiniko”, has to do with its distant past, when it was used as a lair by the Saracen pirates. Sarakiniko is one of the 5 settlements of Gavdos Island.

Sarakiniko beach, Crete – the beach and getting there

Sarakiniko beach is located in the northeast of Gavdos Island. The beach is in a distance of about 2 kilometres from Gavdos harbour and you can easily get to the beach on foot from the harbour in about 20 minutes.

Sarakiniko beach, Crete, is the most popular beach in Gavdos, but don’t expect to find a lot of fellow travellers. Although in the high season you may find enough people there, in relation to the quietness of the beaches of Gavdos, most of the times the beach has a distinct secluded charm. This also has to do with the population of Gavdos – in the island there are less than 100 people living permanently, and in the peak of the high season there are only about 2.500 visitors in all over the island.

Sarakiniko beach is sandy and has crystal-clear waters. By the beach there are many centuries-old cedar trees. Although the island is the southernmost place in Greece, the waters of its beaches are generally cooler than the waters of the beaches in North Crete.

Keep in mind that Sarakiniko beach is one of the places in Crete that are popular with nudists. This is possibly a good thing, as nudists generally prefer the best beaches around!

Sarakiniko beach, Crete – amenities

The beaches in Gavdos generally have little amenities. Sarakiniko beach is possibly the most “cosmopolitan” of them: it features a couple of rooms for rent, a couple of taverns and a mini market.

Eating at Sarakiniko beach is an experience to remember. Gavdos is known for its fresh fish, meat and dairy produce.

As is the case with most beaches in Gavdos, there is the option of free camping in Sarakiniko beach, as many of the visitors do.

Sarakiniko beach is an especial beach of Crete, full of raw charm and nature. If you like pristine beaches, and you are an eco-sensitive traveller, with a respect for nature and the environment, Sarakiniko beach, Crete, will not fail to amaze you.


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