Sailing in Crete

Sailing in Crete: The best way to explore the coast of Crete

Sailing in Crete
is a select experience. Greece is the kingdom of quality sailing excursions. And Crete, the biggest Greek Island, is the best destination for your next – or even your first – sailing excursion.

Sailing in Crete used to be for the few. However, due to the tourist development of the island and the big number of the travel agencies that offer sailing excursions in Crete, sailing in Crete is nowadays a very affordable activity to ignore.

Sailing in Crete – advantages

Crete is the biggest Greek Island with more than 1.000 kilometres of coastline. When sailing in Crete, you will find an unlimited variety of coastline to explore: big bays, hidden coves, small islands, and rugged coastline – all of these are in abundance in Crete.

Crete is the southernmost part of Greece and the one with the mildest climate. With the longest, 7-month summer season in Greece, and with high temperatures all year long, Crete is ideal for sailing.

The winds in Crete are generally moderate throughout the year, in relation e.g. to the Cyclades Islands. If we add the high predictability of the winds, sailing in Crete is an experience without bad weather surprises.

In Crete, especially in its south coast, there are many pristine, wonderful beaches that are only accessible by boat. Sailing is the only way to get there, and discover the hidden treasures of the Cretan coastline.

Finally, Crete can be your base for exploring the South Aegean. It is easy to get from North Crete to both the Cyclades Islands (Santorini, Mykonos etc.) and the Dodecanese Islands (Rhodes, Kos etc.). Sailing in Crete does not have to do with Crete only. After all, when sailing, the sea is the limit.

Sailing in Crete from Chania harbour

Chania harbour is probably the best base for sailing in Crete. It is considered one of the most beautiful harbours in Greece, with its famous old Venetian Harbour by the new one. There are several travel agencies in Chania harbour from which you can rent a sailing boat, with or without a captain.

The area surrounding Chania city is ideal for sailing: from the pristine peninsulas of Rodopou and Gramvousa to the west, to the picturesque Thodorou islet in front of Platanias beach, to the rocky peninsula of Akrotiri to the east, sailing in Crete near Chania city is a wonderful experience.

Another option is to start from Chania harbour and explore the west coast and the south coast of the region of Chania, sailing around the west part of Crete. This is one of the most fascinating sailing trips in Crete.

In addition, the Sailing Club of Chania organizes important international sailing races every year, in which some of the best sailing athletes in Greece and Europe take part.

Sailing in Crete is one of the most recommended activities in the island. The only way to get to know the true nature of Crete is by exploring its coastline by the sea. If you really want to acquire a deep knowledge of the island and its people, sailing in Crete is an essential experience.


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