Platanias, Greece

Platanias, Greece, is the ultimate resort experience in West Crete

Platanias, Greece,
is a large village in Crete located 10 kilometers west of Chania city. The name Platanias originates from the numerous plane trees in the area. Platanias is not a single village, but actually two: Ano Platanias, or Upper Platanias, and Kato Platanias, or Lower Platanias.

Ano Platanias is located upon a hill. It is a traditional Cretan village, with picturesque narrow cobbled streets and beautiful flower gardens. The top of the hill offers spectacular view to Platanias beach and to the nearby islet of Agioi Theodoroi, or Thodorou.

Kato Platanias is the Greek village that most people know simply as Platanias: The most well-known resort in West Crete.

Due to the popularity of Platanias, Greece, among visitors, there are many hotels and lodgings in the village that can be found literally in every corner of Ano Platanias and Kato Platanias. But the best hotels by far are the ones that are situated close to Platanias beach, or close to the central square, or, even better, close to both.

The beach of Platanias, Greece – famous in its own right

The crystal clear waters and the sandy beaches of Platanias are among the best in Crete and Greece. Platanias features a marvellous 4 km long coastline.

This long, sandy beach, with the characteristic thin golden pink sand, and the numerous plane trees near the clear waters, make up a magnificent landscape for every visitor to Platanias. And the small Platanias port for fishing boats, only adds to the beauty of the beach. Indeed, Platanias beach is absolutely a place to see and swim in. It is one of the biggest attractions not only in Chania region, but in Greece itself.

The beach of Platanias is highly organized and very friendly to families with children. In the beach, there is also ample opportunity for summer sports and water sports – the relevant facilities are excellent.

Opposite of Platanias beach, there is the scenic little island of Agioi Theodoroi, or Thodorou. A big cave is visible on the side of the island, which inspired Greek mythology: the ancient Greeks used to say that this was a big monster which assaulted Crete Island, but Poseidon petrified it in order to protect Crete, the cave being the open mouth of the mythical monster! Today, on Agioi Theodoroi islet lives a protected population of the rare wild goats of Crete, Kri-Kri.

Close to the beach, and close to the central square of Platanias, Greece, there are many quality cafés, taverns and restaurants, mini markets, shops, specialty stores, pharmacies, banks, recreational facilities for children and adults etc. This is another reason why Platanias is one of the most popular resorts in Crete among families: It can cover the needs of even the most demanding traveler.

Entertainment in Platanias, Greece – the best place to be in West Crete

In Platanias there are unlimited opportunities for entertainment.

You want a nice traditional restaurant on top of the hill with magnificent view on the beach? Or, perhaps, a dancing bar for the night, where you can unwind with good company? Or a cool bar to sit and talk, listening to fine music? Or a beach bar where you can swim and dance the day away? Or even a nice café with big satellite TV screens, where you can find all the latest and greatest in world sports? Platanias is one of the resorts in Greece that literally has it all!

During recent years, the village of Platanias and the nearby village of Agia Marina have become the undisputed centres of entertainment in the Chania area – most people from Chania city who want to get out in the night come here. The only thing sure is that you won’t be short of new entertainment opportunities, even if you stay in Platanias for a month or more!

History of Platanias, Greece – Through the ages…

Platanias, unlike other well-known resorts, has a history of more than 4.000 years.

Platanias River, which flows by the village, was mentioned by Homer as Iardanos River. Many findings have been found here showing that the area had a large population in ancient years.

During the period of the pirate raids, the residents of Platanias, Greece used to stay in the area of Ano Platanias, for protection.

The Venetians called the settlement that existed here “Platanea”. At the same historical period, the San Theodoro fortress was built on Agioi Theodoroi islet, opposite of Platanias. This fortress, along with the St. Theodoroi chapel that was built there, gave its name to the small picturesque island.

Platanias is a place unique all over Crete and Greece. It is a popular resort, yet a place full of history. It has a marvellous beach, yet it offers some of the best elevated views from a hill in Crete. It is a place where you can relax, yet dance all night if you want. Platanias is not only a great resort in Greece to visit. It’s also a way of living you have to experience.


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