Plaka, Crete

Plaka, Crete: The village with a magnificent view to Souda Bay, at a location with superb surroundings in Chania.

Plaka, Crete
, is a scenic village in the north of the Apokoronas Peninsula, very close to the coast. The village is located about 25 kilometres southeast of Chania city, and there is a frequent local bus service from Chania city.

During recent years, Plaka, due to its excellent position and magnificent view to Souda Bay, has attracted many holiday home buyers from all over Europe, especially from Great Britain. Today, it is estimated that about half of its residents are foreign citizens.

Plaka has a beautiful central square, around which there are cafés and taverns. Generally, amenities for visitors in either Plaka or the other neighbouring villages are excellent.

Plaka, Crete – situated in one of the best spots offering panoramic view to Souda Bay

The exact location of Plaka is excellent: The village is built upon a 70-metres high hill, just by the sea of North Crete, offering breathtaking view to the very scenic Souda Bay.

Although Plaka is on an altitude from sea level, anyone who wants to swim in the crystal clear waters of Crete can get to neighbouring Almyrida with the magnificent, large sandy beach. Almyrida is very close to Plaka – at a distance of only a kilometre.

Plaka belongs to the region of the Apokoronas Peninsula, which is one of the most especial places in Crete. In Apokoronas, there are many small picturesque villages that have successfully managed to keep their traditional rural character. Plaka itself is certainly among the most interesting of these villages.

Close to Plaka there are the villages of Kokkino Horio and Kambia. If you also want to visit another beach than the one in the neighbouring Almyrida, the beach in Kalives is also very close.

Plaka, Crete – a village with splendid surroundings

The hill on which Plaka is situated, is on the slope of Mount Drapanokefala. Apart from the excellent view to Souda Bay, Plaka also offers ample view to the White Mountains of Crete, or “Lefka Ori” in Greek.

The nature around Plaka is very picturesque, with plenty of pine trees, olive groves, vineyards, and rich vegetation. In fact, Plaka is one of the best places to start your walking tour, if you want to explore the Apokoronas countryside on foot.

Although Plaka is elevated and doesn’t have a sandy beach, there are some magnificent sea caves in the rocky coast in front of the village, which the locals call “nerospilies”.

One of the most fascinating things in Plaka is its sunset. The location of the village offers magnificent view to the sun setting behind Souda Bay. When visiting Plaka, it is highly recommended to stay until the sun sets, in order to experience that truly magical sunset.

During the summer, a known music festival takes place in Plaka, the “Plakiana”, in honour of Michael Papadakis from Plaka, a fine lyra player of our time.

Plaka is an especial place in the especial region of Apokoronas, Chania. As the numerous visitors and the permanent residents from all over the world agree, Plaka, Crete, is a superb sight by itself.


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