Gerani, Crete

Gerani, Crete: A small coastal village in Chania region with a beautiful beach and interesting surroundings.

Gerani, Crete
, is a small coastal village located between Platanias and Maleme. Gerani actually consist of two settlements: the Kato Gerani settlement, or lower Gerani, and the Ano Gerani settlement, about one kilometer to the south.

Gerani is located in West Crete, about 15 kilometers west from Chania city, on the road to Kissamos. It is considered a rich village, known for its
agricultural products like oranges, olive oil and wine.

Gerani, Crete in history

Gerani has a long and rich history. Some archaeologists believe that here was the exact location of ancient Kidonia, one of the most powerful cities in ancient Minoan years, and that an impressive temple of the goddess Vritomartis was built here.

During the Ottoman occupation, a severe fighting took place here between Cretans and the Ottoman army, in 1867, the year of the Cretan revolution. Ioannis Papadogeorgakis, one of the most famous Cretan revolutionists (or “chainides”, as they were called) was born here. Due to his birthplace, he was also known as “geraniotis”.

Sights in and around Gerani

One of the must-sees of Gerani, Crete, is, of course, the beautiful local beach. Gerani beach is a sandy beach about 2,5 kilometers long, with trees all around. The beach is usually not crowded, but it is relatively organized, featuring facilities like sun beds, parasols, shower, W.C. etc.

Close to the beach of Gerani you can find most of the village’s amenities, like traditional and modern taverns, cafés, bars, shops and mini markets.

The local villages around Gerani are well worth a visit. Ano Gerani, Modi, Loutraki, Manoliopoulo, are all traditional, picturesque small villages, characteristic of rural West Crete, and are all located in a radius of 10 kilometers or less. The surrounding nature is rich in vegetation and big trees, like cypresses, plane trees and orange trees.

An interesting sight is the Monastery outside Ano Gerani. Also, between Gerani and Modi villages there is an old house, now partly ruined, where, as a plaque reminds the visitor, the famous Cretan writer Ioannis Kondilakis served as a teacher at the beginning of his journey in the world of words.

Between the villages of Gerani and Manoliopoulo, you can find the small church of Panagia (Virgin Mary). Here, a well known local feast takes place on September 8th of each year.

Finally, another interesting sight near Gerani, Crete is the location of Kastellos and Agios Georgios, the twin peaks of a hill between Vrisses and Kufos villages, under which the river Platanias flows (Platanias river was mentioned by Homer as Iardanos river). The peak of Agios Georgios has been named by the homonymus church (which means Saint George in Greek)

Gerani, Crete, is a place with green, tranquil surroundings, a beautiful beach, and interesting traditional villages all around. A short visit to Gerani and the area around the village, can get you in touch with the rural, more traditional side of West Crete.


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