Georgioupoli, Crete

Georgioupoli, Crete: A resort on the north coast of Chania with a large beach and marvellous natural surroundings.

Georgioupoli, Crete
, is a village and a popular tourist resort. It is located about 35 kilometres east of Chania city, very close to the wide main road that connects the two biggest cities of West Crete, Chania and Rethymno. Its distance from Rethymno city is about 20 kilometres.

Georgioupoli, or “City of George” in Greek, took its name after King George, the king of Greece at the time of the reunion of Crete with Greece. Its previous name was Almiroupoli, named after the Almiros River that flows very close to the village. In fact, Georgioupoli is built on the delta of Almiros River – which means “Salty River” in Greek.

In the 80s, Georgioupoli used to be a typical coastal village of Crete, where the locals’ main occupations were fishing, agriculture, and stock raising. Then, some big hotels were built close to the magnificent, very long beach of the village, one thing led to another, and now Georgioupoli is one of the known resorts in West Crete.

You can easily get to Georgioupoli by bus, using the frequent bus service from either Chania city or Rethymno city.

The magnificent beach of Georgioupoli, Crete

The main reason that Georgioupoli became a known resort is its beach: 9 kilometres of beautiful, sandy beach with clear waters, among a scenic landscape.

The beach of Georgioupoli is well organized, with plenty of sun beds and parasols. Around the beach, the amenities for the visitor are excellent, including taverns and restaurants, cafés, bars, mini markets, pharmacies, ATM cash machines, and several stores.

Georgioupoli, Crete – a village between the sea, the river, and the mountains

Georgioupoli is the most known coastal resort in the very scenic Apokoronas peninsula and region. Apokoronas combines sea and mountain, and is one of the most especial areas in Crete.

The natural surroundings of Georgioupoli are marvellous. Close to the village, the scenic Almiros River flows to the sea. Looking south, on the opposite direction from the beach, the high peaks of the White Mountains (“Lefka Ori”) of Crete, form a magnificent landscape.

Near Georgioupoli, in Almiros River and close to its delta, there is a colony of terrapins. You can get there by boat.

Almiros River flows to the sea from Kournas Lake, the only sweet water lake in Crete. Kournas Lake is located about 4 kilometres southeast from Georgioupoli, in an excellent scenic location between the mountains.

Near Georgioupoli, you can also visit the beautiful village of Argiroupoli. Argiroupoli is a place with plenty of springs and waterfalls of excellent fresh water from the White Mountains. Argiroupoli is an ideal place to eat, as the taverns of the village are known all over the region.

Georgioupoli, Crete, is a popular resort, with a magnificent beach and marvellous natural surroundings. Although the resort attracts many visitors during summer months, you can always find a quiet corner in the large beach of Georgioupoli, where you can enjoy the sea and the sun of Crete.


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