Flights to Chania

Flights to Chania: Things to know before you go

There are many airlines running flights to Chania from all over Europe. In fact, Chania International Airport is one of the busiest in Greece, serving more than 2 million passengers every year.

There are regular domestic flights to Chania from Athens (about 6 to 10 every day, depending on the season), and there are also direct flights from European capitals. During the summer season, the flights to Chania literally multiply, as many scheduled and chartered airlines carry hundreds of thousands of visitors, particularly from North and Central Europe.

During winter, as the international airlines flying to Chania are limited, the direct flights from international destinations to Chania are relatively limited. However, there are many direct flights to Athens from all over the world, and you can then get to Chania from Athens by plane or ship. Heraklion also has many direct flights from international destinations – you can get from Heraklion to Chania by bus.

Domestic flights to Chania

The domestic flights to Chania from Athens and other cities in Greece are served by Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air.

Aegean Airlines is one of the best small airlines in Europe, as is demonstrated by its several awards. On the other hand, Olympic Air is a historic airline, which has solidly connected its name with modern Greece.

Both of the domestic airlines that offer flights to Chania are among the most secure in Europe, with very experienced crew and excellent service. In the near future, a merger between these two biggest Greek airlines is programmed to take place.

International flights to Chania

There are several intenational airlines that have scheduled flights to Chania. These include Air Berlin, connecting Chania to Berlin and Transaero, connecting Chania to Moscow.

In addition, there are numerous European airlines running direct flights to Chania during the summer season. These include Easyjet, Austrian Airlines, Condor, Jetairfly, Luxair, Thomson Airways, Transavia, TUIfly, Finnair, Iberworld and Novair.

As practically all of the foreign visitors come to Chania by plane, it is good to know the direct flights to Chania from your country, if West Crete happens to be your destination. Especially during recent years, when flights to Chania have literally multiplied, it can save you time and money to fly directly to Chania, than flying to Heraklion airport and then getting to Chania by other means.


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