Douliana, Crete

Douliana, Crete: The secret architectural gem situated in one of the best locations in Apokoronas, Chania.

Douliana, Crete
, is a small, beautiful village, which, for most visitors, is a typical case of love at first sight. Douliana is located in the centre of Apokoronas Peninsula, close to the villages of Vamos and Gavalohori. It is located about 25 kilometres southeast of Chania city and 35 kilometres northwest of Rethymno city.

Douliana has less than 200 permanent residents, and its feeling of an authentic traditional village of rural Crete is a real magnet to visitors, many of whom come repeatedly time after time to experience this quaint little destination.

The village of Douliana has very good amenities for travellers, including a traditional coffee shop, or “Kafenio” in Greek, where you can enjoy the original Cretan raki, or tsikoudia, together with a Greek “meze”, made from some of the purest produces of Crete. There is also a very good tavern, and a mini market, among others.

Douliana – a paradise for traditional Cretan architecture

The village of Douliana has been declared a place of preserved traditional architecture, due to its many buildings of magnificent beauty and authenticity. It is called the “architectural capital” of the very picturesque Apokoronas peninsula, probably the most especial place in Crete.

Inside the village of Douliana you can find many houses and community buildings – many of them dated centuries ago – which are astonishingly excellent in their simplicity. The main materials used are Cretan stone and wood, in daring architectural combinations, made from true masters of their craftsmanship.

Between the old, perfectly renovated buildings, the old winding alleys of Douliana village are a sight in themselves. Around the village, there are also remnants of the stone bridle trails, which were made during the byzantine years, and served for centuries as the road network of the region.

On the outskirts of Douliana, Crete, you can also find a novel residential project, Douliana Villas, which is essentially a small traditional village-by-the-village comprising of about 40 houses and apartments. Douliana Villas nave been created in accordance to the traditional Cretan architecture of the region, whilst incorporating modern amenities at the same time.

Douliana, Crete – situated on a perfect spot, right in the heart of the Apokoronas Peninsula in Chania

The charming, old-style feeling of Douliana is not its only advantage. Equally magnificent is the exact place where the village is situated: On an altitude of about 100m above sea level, providing breathtaking view to both the very picturesque Souda Bay and the scenic White Mountains of Crete, or “Lefka Ori” in Greek.

Furthermore, the area surrounding Douliana has rich and very interesting vegetation, as it is full of olive groves and carob trees, with traditional stone walls between the harvest fields. A definite plus of Douliana is also its vicinity to the magnificent beaches of Kalives and Almyrida, which are only about 3 kilometres away, and, apart from the car or the local bus, are also accessible on foot, through a scenic route.

Douliana, Crete, is a small architectural gem in the middle of the beautiful Apokoronas Peninsula. If we add to the above the genuine old-style feeling of a traditional Cretan village, and its excellent position, Douliana is an absolute must-see in the heart of Chania region.


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