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Hotels in Chania and Crete are of the highest standards, and offer unlimited choice, highlighting the great hospitality tradition of the island.

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The hotels of the region of Chania come in unsurpassed diversity: From big 5-star resorts, to beautiful 4-star boutique hotels, to 2 and 3-star friendly family hotels, to luxurious villas with pool, to village studios and apartments inside huge olive groves. The island of Crete is by far the most popular destination in Greece, and for good measure, as the island, and especially the region of Chania, offers world-class beaches, culture, sights and nightlife – not to forget the distinct charming temperament of the locals, who are as friendly, authentic and hospitable as possible. Below you can find links to the best hotels in Chania region, with shortcut links to the most popular destinations in the region, where you can find more details and book your stay in the lowest price possible.

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Chania city is the most beautiful city in Crete, and one of the most beautiful in Greece and the Mediterranean. With its picturesque Venetian Old Harbour, the labyrinth alleys of the Old Town, and with landmark taverns, cafes and bars, Chania city is the most eclectic destination in Crete.

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Agia Marina is a village which during summer becomes one of the biggest resort towns in Crete. Located about 10 km west of Chania city, next to Platanias, with which they share the huge sandy beach, Agia Marina is the place where the heart of the Chania summer nightlife beats.

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Georgioupolis is a resort located between the cities of Chania and Rethymnon, and is characterized by its big, sandy beach. Featuring big hotels offering excellent amenities, Georgioupolis is the place to go if you want to relax basking in the Cretan sun.

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Platanias is a famous village about 10 km west of Chania city, which is known for its huge sandy beach, traditional village feeling, tourist infrastructure and nightlife. Apart from the beach, Ano Platanias (“upper Platanias”) on the hill is a place where you can deeply relax and enjoy the view.

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Paleochora is the most known and beautiful village on the south coast of Chania region. With numerous lovely small hotels, authentic village feeling, and more than 10 amazing beaches in the area, Paleochora is the destination that makes you want to come back for more.

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Kissamos is the biggest small town west of Chania city, and a center of agriculture and fishery. The small village feeling, along with the great beach of the wonderful Kissamos Bay, makes this place a magnet for visitors who want holidays inside the Cretan nature and local life.

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“Chania region is a place that offers world-class beaches, culture, sights and nightlife”

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Rethymno region is the neighboring region to Chania on the east. The biggest attraction of the region is Rethymno city, with its wonderful Venetian Old Town, the picturesque harbour, and the big Fortezza castle. Both in Rethymno city and all around the region you will find many great beaches worth discovering.

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Heraklio region is where the biggest city of Crete, Heraklio city, is located. Apart from the city itself, where you can find one of the most famous archaeological museums in Europe, in the region you can find the majestic Knossos Palace, and numerous known resorts and beaches on both its north and south coast.

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Lasithi region is the easternmost region of Crete, and the region where the picturesque town of Agios Nikolaos and the world-famous resort of Elounda are located. With plenty of great beaches and places to visit, like the magnificent Vai palm forest and beach, Lasithi is a region with its own distinct personality.

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