Best Beach in Crete

The best beach in Crete: The choice depends on what you like, but here is some info to help you decide…

It is very hard to choose the best beach in Crete, as the island is full of splendid beaches that suit different beach lovers. Indeed, the variety of beaches in Crete Island is fantastic, with hundreds of beaches to choose from!

However, there are some outstanding beaches in Crete that deserve the title of the best beach in Crete. And as this guide is for Chania, we will mention the three beaches in Chania region that we think are very strong nominees for the best beach in Crete.

Best beach in Crete – Our first pick: Platanias – Agia Marina

The beach at the resorts of Platanias and Agia Marina could easily be awarded the title of the best beach in Crete. The two famous resorts, as they are located one after the other, form a combined mega-beach with a length of more than 5 kilometres! The sandy beach in Platanias and Agia Marina is very well organized and offers stunning views to the picturesque islet of Thodorou, or Agioi Theodoroi, which lies close to the north coast of Crete.

In the beach of Platanias and Agia Marina you can find literally everything regarding amenities, and superb places to eat, relax, make active holidays, or enjoy the famous nightlife of the area. What’s more, the traditional villages of Ano Platanias and Ano Agia Marina are extremely close, at the hills just above the beach, and the world famous Chania city is less than 10 kilometres to the east. Indeed, we cannot think of a more ideal place and beach for your next vacation in Crete.

Best beach in Crete – Our second pick: Almyrida

Almyrida is privileged to be at the base of Apokoronas peninsula, which lies about 20 kilometres east of Chania city and is one of the premium places in Greece for alternative tourism. Apokoronas is possibly the greenest area in Crete, with plenty of trees offering shade and cool weather even in the midst of the hot summer of Crete. It also features several traditional mountainous villages that combine the past and the present in fascinating ways.

Almyrida, with the nearby Kalives and the neighbouring rocky Plaka, are the only coastal villages in Apokoronas. Almyrida makes it easy to fall in love with its beach at first sight. The beach of Almyrida is sandy and located inside a very picturesque bay, with the scenic mountains of Apokoronas to its south. The many return visitors to Almyrida swear that it is the best beach in Crete!

Best beach in Crete – Our third pick: Paleochora

Although there are really marvellous beaches in the south coast of the region of Chania, like Elafonisi, Agia Roumeli and Loutro, our pick for the best beach in the southwest part of Crete is Paleochora.

Paleochora does not just have one or two beaches. In and around the village, there are about 10 magnificent beaches! They come in many types, crowded to secluded, with sand or pebbles etc., but the sea waters are crystal-clear and a sheer pleasure to swim in.

If we add the undisputable charm of the village of Paleochora, which is the most famous resort in Southwest Crete, the beaches in Paleochora could easily be a first class nominee for the best beach in Crete.

The best beach in Crete has to really stand out from the crowd, as the island has myriads of marvellous beaches to choose from. Although it is a matter of personal taste, the three beaches mentioned above can dazzle even the most indifferent of beach lovers, and each and every one of them could be described as the best beach in Crete.


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