Apokoronas, Chania, Crete

Apokoronas, Chania, Crete: A place of unique beauty and nature, with numerous magnificent villages.

Apokoronas, Chania
, is one of the provinces of Crete. Its capital, the village of Vamos, is a traditional mountainous Cretan village with interesting architecture and magnificent natural environment.

Apokoronas, Chania, is located in Northwest Crete, having almost equal distances from the cities of Chania and Rethymno. The occupation of many of its residents is traditional agriculture – the olive oil, the wine and the raki, or tsikoudia, of Apokoronas are considered excellent. During the last two decades, Apokoronas has also become a centre for ecotourism and sustainable development in Crete Island.

Apokoronas, Chania – one of the greenest areas in Crete

Apokoronas’ morphology of the terrain is very interesting. To the south, there are the high – and famous – White Mountains of Crete, or Lefka Ori. In the central and main part of Apokoronas, we find picturesque plateaus that have been formed between the surrounding hills. To the south, Apokoronas forms the southeaster part of Souda Bay and extends to the scenic Drapano Peninsula. Its easternmost part is the well-known resort of Georgioupolis.

Apokoronas is one of the greenest areas in Chania and Crete in general. Its natural environment is unique, ideal for the production of quality olive oil and wine. In the eastern part of the province of Apokoronas lies the only sweetwater lake in Crete, Kourna Lake, near the homonymous village of Kourna.

The coastal part of Apokoronas in its most part is rocky and rugged, not suitable for swimming, but offering great views to the sea and the nearby Akrotiri Peninsula. However, in certain places of the coastline you can find excellent beaches, some of the best in Crete.

The main reason that Apokoronas, Chania, is one of the most fertile areas in Crete is its many small rivers, with Kiliaris River the most important of them. It is notable that in Apokoronas you can find magnificent gorges, like the Diktamos Gorge, and many-many caves – there are more than 200 caves of historic or natural significance in the province.

The villages of Apokoronas, Chania – famous all over Crete

Apokoronas is known for many and diverse reasons. Perhaps the most important of them is the beauty and the traditional character of its villages, which are a magnet for travellers that seek a quality mountainous destination in Crete, which at the same time is very close to the sea.

Apart from its beautiful, traditional capital, Vamos, in Apokoronas there are also the following villages, known all over Chania region and Crete:

Douliana village is a centre for traditional Cretan architecture, and an excellent place to stay when exploring Apokoronas.

Vrisses village is one of the cooler places in Crete, ideal for the hot summer days.

Gavalohori is a traditional rural village with interesting history and remnants from various historic periods.

Armeni is a large village with ample shade from the plain trees and with known taverns.

Plaka is a coastal village offering breathtaking views to the sea.

Almirida, next to Plaka, is the characteristic coastal resort of Apokoronas, with excellent beaches.

Kalives, in the westernmost part of Apokoronas, is a beautiful coastal village with a large sandy beach and excellent fish taverns.

Georgioupoli, in the easternmost part of Apokoronas, is a famous, popular resort.

Other known villages of Apokoronas include Kefalas, Assi Gonia, Krionerida and Emprosneros. In total, Apokoronas has 75 villages, each one with its distinct character.

Apokoronas, Chania, is a truly unique place in Crete and Greece in general. The very interesting villages, the marvellous natural environment and the local colour, make Apokoronas, Chania, one of the best places to visit during your holidays in West Crete.


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