Agia Marina, Crete

Agia Marina, Crete: A well-known resort in Chania in its own right

Agia Marina, Crete
, is a big village located 8 kilometers west of Chania city and 2 kilometers east of Platanias resort. The name Agia Marina comes from the homonymus church situated in the old village. In fact, the people of Agia Marina are fairly faithful, as there are four churches in the village.

Apart from the village on the coast of Chania, also called Kato Agia Marina, or Lower Agia Marina, there is also Ano Agia Marina, or Upper Agia Marina, which is a traditional Cretan village.

In Ano Agia Marina you can find taverns which serve traditional Cretan dishes made from pork, lamb, goat, and veal, combined with fresh local agricultural produce.

Ano Agia Marina is also known for the mysterious water cave, the length of which has not been estimated yet. The cave has been extensively studied by speleologists from every part of the world. It has also been studied and researched by archaeologists, because in ancient years it was used as a worship location.

The beach of Agia Marina, Crete

Beach culture is alive and well in Agia Marina. The main reason is the beautiful, 2,5 kilometers long beach, which is the centre of all activities around Chania city.

The golden sand beach of Agia Marina, along with the rich vegetation and the trees around the beach, create a marvellous coastal scene. Apart from swimming in the crystal clear waters, you can do your vacations more active by using the ample opportunities for summer sports on the beach, like beach volley, and water sports, like jet-skiing, windsurfing and paragliding above the water.

Opposite the beach of Agia Marina stands the islet of Agioi Theodoroi, or Thodorou, with its characteristic long shape. The islet, apart from adding to the magnificent scenery of Agia Marina beach, has a rich history. During the years of the Venetian rule in Crete, a big fortress had been built on the small island, the San Theodoro fortress. Here also used to be the St. Theodoroi chapel. These two have given their name to the islet. Another interesting thing about Agioi Theodoroi is that it is the home of a protected population of the wild goats of Crete, the famous Kri-Kri.

Around the beach and the main road of Agia Marina there is everything a visitor might need, from select taverns and restaurants serving local and international dishes and seafood, to caf├ęs, bars, mini markets, shops, pharmacies, banks, etc. The amenities for visitors in Agia Marina are impressive.

Agia Marina, Crete: The centre of nightlife in Chania region

The club scene in Agia Marina is superb, and famous all over Chania region. Here you can find night clubs that are true legends of the Greek nightlife.

During recent years, many other quality night clubs have opened in Agia Marina. These, along with the bustling nightlife in the neighboring Platanias resort, are a magnet for all the club-goers in the region. Indeed, most people from Chania city, either local or visitors, who want to go out at night, come to Agia Marina and Platanias for their world-class summer nightlife in Crete.

Agia Marina is a well-known resort in each own right. With a beautiful beach, many quality taverns and nightlife unmatched in the whole region of Chania, Agia Marina, Crete, is a place you should experience yourself.


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